Library Board elects new executive


Morinville – The Morinville Public Library Board elected a new chair, vice chair and treasurer Apr. 12. During that election the board elected Stephen Dafoe as chair, Keith Norris as vice chair, and Joseph Trapani as treasurer.

“We are entering an exciting period for the Morinville Public Library,” said newly-elected Board Chair Stephen Dafoe. “We are roughly a month or so away from opening the new Community Library in the renovated civic plaza, and I think our patrons are going to be really pleased with their new library and multi-media centre.”

Dafoe said there is still a bit of work to be done to make the new facility a reality, but pointed out the job has been made all the easier due to the efforts of long-time Library Board member and former Board Chair Noreen Radford. “Noreen has been a tireless advocate for arts and education in general and the Morinville Public Library in particular,” Dafoe said. “She picked up the ball back when there was some thought of housing the library in the then-to-be-built cultural centre. She and her board members carried that ball together with library staff all the way to the point where we really just have to put the finishing touches together. The board was unanimous in our regret to receive her resignation, but we are confident she will be no less an advocate for our community’s library than when she was at the helm.”

The new chair said the work will not stop with the reopening of the library. Post opening, the board will begin looking at its various programs and services with an eye to serving library patrons and the community even better than it has for many years. But they will be looking for help to do that.

Dafoe said the board currently has nine members; but has received word former treasurer Brent Henry would have to step down this summer due to being posted out of the community. The Morinville Public Library Board will be looking to fill two trustee positions; the current vacancy as well as an upcoming vacancy. “We’re really hoping interested parties will come to the library and have a chat with either our Library Manager Isabelle Cramp or myself,” Dafoe said. “We really are entering an exciting period of time for library services in Morinville and surrounding area, and a full board allows us an even greater diversity of experience and knowledge to draw upon.”

But while the board is looking for a few more members, the library is looking for a few more dollars. Last fall the library began a bronze book program whereby community members could help the library fund the shelving, furniture and equipment it needs for the expanded facility and expanded services. For each $100 donation, the donor will get their name placed on the dust jacket of a display book as well as their name engraved in a bronze book.

“This program was started during Noreen Radford’s term as chair and was a really great way to show visitors that our community library was built by the community,” Dafoe said. “We are truly appreciative of all the Town of Morinville has done for us, including providing $50,000 towards greatly-needed new shelving. But the bronze book campaign allows others to express their appreciation and support for their community library, and to be recognized for the same.”
The donation is both eligible for a tax receipt issued by the library, and allows the library the opportunity to double the donation by applying for matching-dollar grants.

Anyone interested in supporting the bronze book program or learning more about board membership can call the Morinville Public Library at 780-939-3292 or Stephen Dafoe at 780-800-3619.

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