Sturgeon County approves two key industrial developments


Morinville – Sturgeon County is poised to become one of Alberta’s fastest expanding industrial regions thanks to two recent development approvals. During the Apr. 17 Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meeting, $63 Million in development permits for both an ethylene handling facility and an assembly yard were approved by Commission members.

Pembina Pipeline Corporation (formerly Provident Energy) received development permit approval for Ethylene Handling Additions at their existing Sturgeon County facility. The proposed facilities will allow Pembina Pipeline to modify or add to its existing facilities with piping compression and drying equipment in order to facilitate the handling of ethylene. The project is estimated at $45 Million. According to the development proposal, this project along with other work on site is estimated to require up to six new staff.

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Horton CBI also received development permit approval an Assembly Yard for Modules at their existing Sturgeon County site in the Sturgeon Industrial Park. According to the development proposal, modules that are required for the Imperial Oil Kearl Lake oil sands project will be assembled on this site. Approximately 78 vessels will be assembled at the Sturgeon County site prior to delivery in the Fall 2012. Staff on site will vary between 27 and 135 in 2012 and may increase in the future. The project is estimated at $18 million.

“These development approvals are critical to Sturgeon County’s long term industrial growth,” says Sturgeon County Municipal Planning Commission Chair Tom Flynn. “These are the types of projects that can trigger a flurry of spin-off activities and the County is extremely excited by the potential that these developments hold.”

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