Walking trail fit camp gives full workout

Participants do a warm up walk around the trail to lay out the various fitness stations.

Photos by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Local exercise enthusiasts have been putting the trail and trail equipment at the fish and Game Association pond to good use for the past two Wednesdays. Walking Trail Fit Camp began Apr. 11 and continues until May 30, offering area residents an opportunity for a weekly one-hour fitness session that is part commune with nature and two parts boot camp. Organized by Morinville’s Community Services Department and instructed by Lara Thompson or Pure Physique, Walking Trail Fit Camp utilizes both the trail and the trail equipment installed last spring.
The program uses a TRX workout, core conditioning, flexibility and endurance to round out the camp. Participants go from station to station around the trail engaging in a variety of fitness activities. The goal is to do six fitness laps per evening.

Cost of the program is $64 per person. The fit camp meets Wednesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Fish and Game Association Pond.

Push ups were not for everyone, but this guy made small work of a set of 20.

A little work with the weights.

A participant works on the TRX suspension trainer

Running and jogging is an integral part of the program. Participants run and jog from station to station. The goal is to do six laps in the hour.