Around the towns in photos – midweek edition

A once-in-a-century birthday party
The Aspen Villa was the scene of the party on Tuesday afternoon for the residents celebrating an April birthdays. Marjorie Jenkins, celebrating her 100th birthday, was presented with a certificate from Mayor Lloyd
Bertschi on behalf of the Town of Morinville and a gold chain with an Alberta medallion and certificate from the Honourable Ken Kowalski, Speaker, of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. – Lucie Roy Photo

Green visitor
Dayle Pett of Solstice Canada Corp. points out the location of Antarctica to student Caidyn Falkowski. Pett was guest speaker at Notre Dame School Tuesday afternoon. She made a Power Point presentation of her trip to Antarctica last march. Designed for Earth Day, it provided information on global warmingand climate change, the review of the international treaty protecting Antarctica in 2041, and people’s carbon footprint. On that latter topic, Pett discussed light bulbs, bottled water, green power, recycling paper products, and supporting local food producers to reduce food miles. – Lucie Roy Photo

A farewell visit
The Honourable Ken Kowalski poses with Sturgeon County Council Tuesday morning. Kowalski visited County Council to say his farewells. The long-time politician stepped down this election but retains his status as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta until the legislature reconvenes. Councillors spent some time individually expressing their gratitude to the Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock MLA and reflecting on what they had learned from him over the years. – Morinville News Photo

A Rush visit
Notre Dame students Ethan Oliver and Jayden Gratton get a little lacrosse training monday from Ryan Dilks of the Edmonton Rush. Dilks was at the school all day Monday teaching students how to play lacrosse, the history of the game, the Edmonton Rush organization, and what it takes to be a professional athlete. The two-day event was made possible through the efforts of teacher Annette Holterman. – Lucie Roy Photo

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