Letter: Small Town Saturday Night raises big bucks


Our little red, plastic cup runneth over! We reached and then gratefully exceeded our fundraising goal of $60,000. The Legal Small Town Saturday Night presented by Travel Alberta and Big Valley Jamboree raised $93000! We will break ground on our dream playground this September.

A (not so) long time ago…three months to be exact…a committee was born. Their goal – to create a two-minute video showcasing the undying community spirit of Legal and submit it the Big Valley Jamboree’s Small Town Saturday Night contest. The theme, which parodied Toby Keith’s song “Red Solo Cup”, centered around a small red cup that symbolized how Legal unites not only to raise a glass in celebration but in all aspects of life. The Friends of Legal School Society was chosen as the beneficiary of the funds raised should we win the concert prize. They always have our children first in their minds and they have been working tirelessly for years raising money. Our STSN Committee felt this organization exemplified the meaning of volunteerism.

April 3rd was the big day we had been waiting for – the day the announcement of the winner would be made. The committee hopped in their vehicles and headed for Camrose. We were welcomed with open arms by Panhandle Productions and Travel Alberta at the Growing Rural Tourism Conference. We met representatives from the other Top Five communities, Bashaw, Bonnyville, Devon and High River (They are all now Honourary Legalians). With the tension mounting our committee representative was called to the stage with the other town reps. As Larry Werner from BVJ opened the envelope and announced the runners up, the hall was silent. When Legal was not listed as a runner up a great ruckus went up from the side of the stage. Legal had won!

April 28th will forever be remembered in Legal as the day Big Valley came to our little valley. The smiling faces, the electricity of the crowd and the good will that seemed to hover over Legal on that day will be the memories, not only that the STSN committee can hold on to forever, but the whole community as well. We have always felt a great love and pride for Legal but the way this project pulled the community together, has truly created a legacy for us. The playground will be a physical reminder to us of the intangible spirit of the people of Legal.

Thank you to everyone for their support!

Trina Jones
STSN Committee Member
Town of Legal

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  1. With most of Morinville in your Town that night our town was very quiet.

    It was great fun for residents from Morinville and we are very proud to be neighbours to such a great community!

    Great Job!

    Long live the party corridor Morinville/Legal! The new center of great music concerts!

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