Primeau students are Nova Scotia bound

The Primeau students getting ready to go to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton received their t-shirts, back packs and further instruction on Tuesday night. Back row: Abby Little in front of Rebecca Kerrison, JD Heard, Ryan Beach, Chelsey Maynard, Sabrina Belland, Katie Keen, and Jake Weismantel. front row: Alyssa Ralph, Isaac Fossen, Alex Prusko, Sloan Yaceyko, Erika Aubuchon, Jennifer Wood and Cole Dribnenky. – Lucie Roy Photo

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – Primeau Grade 8 students from the Travel Club will be travelling to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton from May 27 to June 3. Parents, chaperones, two staff members and 17 students met at the School May 8 to receive their t-shirts, back packs and itinerary information.

Cole Dribnenky, Morinville’s young chef, said this is his first time going to Nova Scotia. The students had to do research on one of the events of the trip and Dribnenky chose tidal bore rafting. He had to figure out when the tides are high, how to do the rafting, how long this event has been going on. Dribnenky said he is looking forward to going rafting on high waters. His Dad Colin is one of the chaperones and he is said he is also looking forward to the trip, the Atlantic lobster and the history of the Titanic at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Erika Aubuchon is also going to Nova Scotia for the first time. She did research on the Halifax Citadel, what it was about, its history and significance to Nova Scotia. Aubuchon said she is looking forward to the plane ride and seeing the ocean.

Sabrina Belland said she researched the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. “He invented so much stuff,” she said. “He pretty much made future happen.” Like Dribnenky, she is looking forward to tidal bore rafting. Her Mother Sheri is accompanying her on the trip and like her daughter has not been to Nova Scotia.

Primeau Librarian Leanne LaRocque said each year Grade 8 students get to go on a trip, rotating between Nova Scotia and Quebec or Ontario. The trip connects to the earth science curriculum through the experience of riding the highest tides in the world, learning the history of the fishery and Titanic, and experiencing east coast culture through music, traditions and food. On the trip students will learn about the Acadians, the settlement of Canada, Halifax, Fisheries Museum, and Pier 21 – all connected to the social studies curriculum. Students will also see the Fort Point Lighthouse Park, Peggy’s Cove and the Glace Bay Miner’s Museum.

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