Morinville on the queue for another RCMP officer

will depend on distribution of new graduates and Morinville’s ability to pay the additional salary.

Morinville RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Richards indicated earlier this spring the Morinville Detachment may require one additional member to service the needs of policing in Morinville. Although the detachment has a number of officers, only nine are dedicated to Morinville. In order for Morinville to have an opportunity to add to the number of dedicated officers, a request must be submitted by May 31.

That additional member, if approved by the Minister and approved in the 2013 budget, would carry an additional $130,000 in costs per year. Morinville’s Chief Financial Officer, Andy Isbister said it is unlikely Morinville would see all that cost in 2013 as the officer would not likely start with the detachment until June or July.

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Council’s commitment to submit a request is not a commitment to complete the deal. The request would be confirmed after the addition of another officer is debated in 2013 budget talks this fall. “This is just putting our name in the queue – that’s all this is,” Mayor Lloyd Bertschi said during discussions May 22.

Of the nine officers currently dedicated to Morinville, one is covered by the province and part of one officer’s salary is currently covered by Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools for their school liaison officer program. The future of that program’s funding is not certain at this time.

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  1. $870,000 would cover the cost of adding a three man Crime Reduction Unit in this town for two years. Targeting many of the recurring criminal themes we have been seeing would be the main objective. Such a unit could focus on those responsible for the break ins and vandalism. There would also be sufficient manpower to spearhead attacks on the local drug scene.

    $870,000 is also the cost of a blown budget for a cushy Town Hall.

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