Students taught to protect their brains at Primeau

Primeau students Lucas Summerfield and Kiana Laliberte, alongm with RCMP Constable Cyndie Blackmore and Alix Hennig, Injury Prevention Nurse with Alberta Health Services look over the various styles and types of helmets.

Photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville – Gotta Brain, Getta Helmet was the order of the day at Georges H. Primeau School May 23. The one hour information session on bicycle safety for Grade 7 students was presented by Alix Hennig, an injury Pprevention nurse with Alberta Health Services. RCMP Constable Blackmore was on hand to offer further assistance in the presentation.

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Students had the opportunity to learn about the various bike helmets available on the market today as well as the differences between multi-impact and single-impact helmets. The differences in helmets, how they are constructed and why their expiry period after five years was one part of
the information session. The session covered mandatory helmets, Morinville’s positive ticketing program, and concussion and brain injuries.

Above: Dominik Faust looks through special glasses that simulate blurred vision from brain injury at the Gotta Brain, Getta Helmet presentation held at Georges H. Primeau School May 23. Faust had to try and place various coloured jelly beans in their respective plastic containers, a simple exercise made difficult by the glasses.

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