This week’s Hails and Fails

our new feature that presents a thumbs up and thumbs down view of the area.


1 – We tip our hat this week to Judy Pattison, wife of Morinville Town Councillor David Pattison. When vandals took some Morinvillian’s garden lights from their yard and smashed them along the ravine crossing sidewalk, leaving broken glass for pedestrians to navigate around Sunday morning, Mrs. Pattison grabbed her bucket and broom and cleaned up the sidewalk for those of us who use it. This same woman can often be seen in the Hittinger area cleaning up the rubbish careless walkers and drivers leave for others to deal with. While hundreds of us pitch in during Operation Clean Sweep, Mrs. Pattison can be found pitching in every day. Thank you.

2 — Two truckloads of food for the Morinville Food Bank Society coming from the students of Georges H. Primeau reminds us all of the needs of others. Thank you Primeau students for remembering those among us who are less fortunate. You set a great example.


1 — Inviting Sturgeon County seniors to council for a photo op to proclaim Seniors’ Week is a noble and respectful thing for County Council to do, but going in camera for a private discussion five minutes before the appointment and then keeping fi ve lovely ladies waiting more than an hour is hardly the respect seniors or Seniors’ Week deserves. It’s time for Council to remember they are not rock stars or royalty. Rock stars can keep fans and paparazzi waiting, kings and queens can keep pretty much whomever they please waiting. Council, on the other hand, need to show a little respect for those they invite to council chambers, particularly when the people are showing up for a photo op that proposes to show just how respectful Sturgeon County is to its seniors. There are few words to describe such things, but odious, offensive, obscene and obtuse come close.

2 — We know plastic bags are not environmentally friendly and harm Mother Earth, man. But they are great for picking up your dog’s biodegradable crap when you are out strolling the streets and trails of Morinville. We’re tired of playing hop scotch over the doggy Danishes left on the streets by those who forget to carry a little plastic when they take Rover for a walk.

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  1. Thank you to Mrs. Pattison – not enough people see the good things that people do for Morinville. Also thanks to the Primeau students for the donations to the Food Bank. Definately 2 gold stars are required for this week so far.

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