Letter: Resident looking to pack traffic safety open house

Dear editor:

Yes, it’s the Photo Radar Guy once again. This time we’re looking to advertise the Town’s long-awaited ‘Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Review Open House” meeting, scheduled to be held between 6 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5 at the Community Cultural Centre.

Unfortunately, the Town’s advertisement about the meeting (displayed in the local print media) was not terribly prominent. So we have decided to take this means, plus the display of some informational posters throughout the community, to try and stir up as much interest as possible.

The aim is to fill the cultural centre with as many stakeholders as possible!

Many of your readers have thought that our tirade against the employment of photo radar in Morinville was based on not wanting ANY photo radar ANYWHERE in the community. We wish to assure everyone that nothing could be further from the truth. All we’ve ever been after is a little honesty from all the concerned parties; particularly as to the nature and rationale for this means of traffic enforcement. In reality, if people are stupid enough to get caught speeding (and in more than a few cases – many times!), then we say: Let’s have MORE photo radar! But… in addition to generating even more money for various Town requirements, let’s devote considerably more than two per cent of total ticket revenue to actual traffic safety and/or education!

To date, we have not received ANY formal response from the Mayor of Morinville to our submission of almost three months ago. This is disgusting. Obviously he thinks that concerns of ordinary citizens are beneath him, and that to fight his battles in the media is the way to do business. Good luck, Your Worship!

At any rate, true to her word (as usual) Morinville’s Chief Administrative Officer has given us a chance to provide questions and concerns on the whole traffic safety issue.

We think that this may be the public’s one and only opportunity to review that which the Town is proposing and, perhaps more importantly, to be heard by the Town Administration, the RCMP and Community Police Officers. So let’s get out next Tuesday and hear what’s going on!

James O’Brien

Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer

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