Banner raising recognizes long time business

Dan, Mitch and George Prefontaine posed for a photo beside a 2012 Chrysler 300C to mark the occasion of their banner being erected. Only three of the 16 banners had a preselected location. Others were placed at random down 50th Avenue.

By Lucie Roy

Legal – Friday was a banner day in Legal, particularly for one local business. Public Works Foreman Paul Belanger and Maintenance Operator Jean- Paul Berube were both hard at work installing 16 banners onto lamp posts in town. One of those 16 banners was that of Legal Motors.

George Prefontaine, Legal Motors General Sales Manager, and his brothers Dan and Mitch were on hand for the occasion. George said the company is marking 52 years of service June 9 and 50 years as a Chrysler dealer in July. What had started out by brothers Roly and Phil Prefontaine as a J.I. Case agricultural franchise grew and changed over time to become the business it is today. They have been at the same location all these years.

The original Legal Motors building was levelled by a fire in June 1966 and they rebuilt over the same location. In 1985 Phil decided to retire, opening the door for Roly’s sons George, Dan and Mitch to become part of the family business, a partnership that still exists today.

“Many changes and challenges have emerged through the years since that first date but we are proud to say we have carried on with dedication and perseverance,” Prefontaine said.

The Legal Motors banner was one of a number of banners unveiled at the Legal Community Center at Apr.2o during volunteer appreciation night.

The groups and businesses contacted had to meet at least one of four criteria to have a banner created: long term contribution to the community, reflections of cooperative efforts, innovative initiatives and at least 10 years as a professional artist.

Legal Motors is a five-star garage service that has made its mark by providing quality service and 50 plus year of servicing the community.

DSCN5128.JPG Legal Public Works Foreman Paul Belanger just finished attaching the Legal Motors banner to the lamp post Friday morning. Assisting him was Jean-Paul Berube.

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