Letter: Vandalism spree concerns resident


On the morning of Saturday, June 2nd, my husband and I were surprised to hear someone knocking on our door at 8 a.m. That someone is a very nice neighbor who was on his way to work and stopped to ask my husband if he wanted help in turning our flower planter upright. You can imagine my husband’s puzzlement when he asked this question. Once he stepped outside, he knew why. Our very large heavy (100lbs+) stone planter had been picked up, plants and all, and left completely turned upside down.

Upon further investigation, it was apparent that our neighbourhood had become victim to vandalism sometime during the previous night. The whole block was littered with broken solar lights uprooted from flower beds and left broken in pieces which were strewn down the street and up the next block, one house had a wrought iron address sign post bent and the address sign stolen, telephone boxes on light poles were pried open and wires pulled loose, and most disgusting of all, someone had defecated on the lawn of one home owner. There were however three positives out of this incident was the kindness of the neighbor who helped my husband, the address sign which had been stolen was returned to the owner by another home owner on the next street who found it in their garbage bin, and that the police have a report on record of these occurrences.

I am sad to say that we believe these were the acts of a few misguided kids, as we are well aware that the majority of kids are well behaved and have respect for others and their property I’m asking parents to please check with your kids if you don’t already know, where and what they were doing on the evening of June 1st. If you suspect they were involved in this incident, would you please deal with it now and don’t wait until their behavior escalates into something you will have no control over.

In the meantime, we will be more vigilant in our efforts to ensure our neighbourhood is a secure and safe place to live.

S. Allard

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  1. Don’t be so sure that it was kids. A couple of years back, my friends and I (all mid-20’s) were walking home from a bar in town when one of them had the bright idea of trying to toss a lawn chair from someone’s front yard onto their roof. He missed and sent it through their front window. Various other acts of hooliganism were committed that night. Just saying… it’s not always kids whose parents would know the whereabouts of.

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