Grade 4 students get to see new school

Large numbers of families came out to Monday night’s open house barbecue at Georges H. Primeau School Monday night.

Morinville News Staff Photos

Morinville – George H Primeau School opened its doors Monday night for a barbecue and tour of the school for Grade 4 students who will be entering Grade 5 at the school this fall. Approximately 350 parents, current and future students toured the grounds and hallways of the middle school which will teach Grades 5 through 8 in September and beyond.

After touring the school and meeting staff during the afternoon barbecue, families assembled in the auditorium for a presentation from Primeau Principal Vic Pedersen.

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting most of the students that are coming here and chatting with the classes and trying to answer their questions,” Pedersen said Monday night of his previous visits to Notre Dame and Vanier schools.
Just as he had with students last week, the principal answered a number of parent questions, explaining bussing for before and after school daycare would be free, and that further information on transportation would be disclosed by Wednesday. Pedersen also said all library books from Vanier would be redistributed to Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School and Primeau, according to the grade appropriate nature of the titles.

School dances will continue this fall for the older grades. Additionally, Pedersen said a family dance will be added for the Grade 5 students and their families.

Morinville Public Elementary will be holding a similar information night Thursday evening at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Above left: Teacher Matthew Loiselle preps some hotdogs on the grill.

Above: Principal Vic Pedersen addresses families in the gym

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