Teachers gather to pitch mental stereotypes

Photos by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Skyline Diamonds were taken over by approximately 100 teachers, support staff and their guests for the second annual Pitching Mental Health Stereotypes Tournament, a fellowship and fundraising effort by the Sturgeon ATA Local 27.

The Local’s Vice President, Thomas Holmes, said the idea was to once again gather together teachers, staff , family and guests, each of whom paid a small sum of money which would be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Last year the group raised $1,500 between the softball tournament and a dodge ball game. This year’s softball tournament raised $1,200 for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Holmes said the mental health component of the event was twofold. “We believe teachers are often the first responders for mental health issues, so we are really trying to just raise that awareness both with our own teachers and in the community which we work,” he said. “This time of year we’ve got tests, report cards, PATs, diploma examinations; so this is just a great time for teachers to come together and work on their own mental health.”

The evening-long tournament drew teachers and support staff from throughout the Sturgeon School Division.

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