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Primeau awards its students

The Father Primeau Most Outstanding Student Award was presented to Rebecca Kerrison by teacher and Learning Support Facilitator Sandee Blackburn. The Primeau Award honours the student who demonstrates excellence in all areas of academics, arts, sports, leadership and school involvement. Kerrison also received the Jr. Girls Basketball Rookie of the Year Award and Grade 8 Honours Award.

Blackburn said the school’s namesake, Father Georges Henri Primeau was nicknamed the Fireball Priest and for a good reason. He was a dedicated leader, promoter and very active in the community for 12 years as Morinville’s parish priest. During that time he spearheaded many community groups ranging from the Morinville Drum and Bugle band to the Boy Scouts. He had a particular soft spot for youth and many of his projects were geared for them. Primeau had the ability to bring the best out of people, he promoted service and volunteerism, loyalty and respect. He proved that giving of one’s self was the most rewarding thing one could do.”

The teacher went on to say the school has been honouring those qualities with the award named after the priest for more than 30 years.

Blackburn said Kerrison, this year’s recipient, was extremely genuine in her actions, cares about everyone in the school community and leads by example in every activity she is involved in.

The Super Star Award was presented to Jessica Bozak. Bozak also received the Grade 6 award for French as a Second Language. There was 18 Star Awards presented. – Lucie Roy Photo

Athlete of the Year Award was presented to Craig Seguin and Sydney Herrick. Seguin also received the award for Most Valuable Player for Boys Badminton. Both students also achieved Grade 8 Honours and Seguin received a Star Award as well as the Knights of Columbus Leadership Grade 8 Male Winner. – Lucie Roy Photo

Notre Dame School held a Fun Day for the Grade 1 to 5 students June 26. The Grade 3 to 4 students participated in some outdoor activities in the afternoon, which consisted of eight stations with 15 minutes at each. The Morinville Fire Department had Truck No.3 on the scene, a visit that seemed to pleaser the students who had an opportunity to see the truck close up, try on the fire crew hat and jacket, sound the siren, get some water balloons and having a nice spray from the water hose to cool down. – Lucie Roy Photo

A large Omnikin ball was one of the eight stations for the activity day at Notre Dame School June 26. Other stations included the potato sack relay, penny can, 3 chicks and a fish, flag tag and drip, drip, drip. – Lucie Roy Photo

Students participate in the ever popular potato sack relay. – Lucie Roy Photo

Lions pride
Morinville Lions Club President Carrie Foss (left) presented Dianna McNalley with the Lion of the Year Award June 25. The award is given each year to a club member who demonstrates character, leadership and willingness to help and cooperate. McNalley also received a certificate of appreciation for her volunteer work as club treasurer.
The Awards were presented at the Lions Club Supper meeting. The President’s Award recipient was Lucien Beaupre for his hard work and dedication. Francis Fryters received the Distinguished Service Award for devoted service to the club and Lionism as well as a certificate of appreciation for his dedication and hard work as the Meat Draw Committee Chairman. Matt Fleck, Colleen Turner and Neil McDougal also received certificates of appreciation. Merit Awards were presented to Art Foss and Ira Austin. The evening also saw the induction of new members to the club and the installation of the new Board and Committee members. – Lucie Roy Photo

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