Council passes no show, no dough rule for grants

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Groups coming to Council looking for money for their events and programs under Morinville’s Community Grant Program will need to actually come to Council when the grant decision is being made.

Displeased with the number of groups filing grant applications but not showing up the night the request is being heard, Councillor Nicole Boutestein put forward a motion that those applying for grants must NOW be present at the time the grant request is being considered.

The annual Tour de la Alberta bike marathon applied for $2,500 in funding June 26, monies that were approved by Council through the Community Grant Program and Council’s public relations budget; however, the lack of representation from the Edmonton group seeking the money prompted Boutestein to point out there were too many grant request no shows for her liking.

“They are asking for $2,500 and they are not willing to give a half hour of their time,” Boutestein said. “I think it is so disrespectful.” Boutestein said she was not picking specifically on the bike tour, merely making a statement that too many groups were not appearing to hear the decision on grant funding.

Councillor Lisa Holmes said the entire grant process needs to be redone, including a need for groups to report back to Council on how their program or event went. “They need to understand this is tax payer’s money they are using to fund their event,” she said.

The motion to require attendance for grants passed with a 4-1 vote of Council, Deputy Mayor David Pattison cast the only opposing vote.

The new rules will take effect with the third quarter grant intakes.

The approval of the Tour de la Alberta grant, combined with the approval of a Lions Club request the same night, now puts the second quarter intake of grants $3,400 over the $5,325 quarterly budget.

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