Canada Day organizers deserving of our thanks and support

Canada turned 145 years old Sunday and that anniversary was once again celebrated in a subdued fashion in Morinville. There were no fireworks, an omission some took opportunity to complain about. There were no major celebrity names performing on the big stage, but the little stage and gazebo was not devoid of local talent. Once again this year, what was truly at the heart of this initiative, put on by the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society, was a sincere and strong desire to celebrate Canada’s birthday and Canadian pride.

We Canadians have always been more subdued in our patriotism than our American neighbours, seldom wearing it on our sleeves but always in our hearts. We got to see that this past Sunday in St. Jean Baptiste Park, manifested in different ways but always with family in mind. We saw it in the number of people willing to come out in the rain to participate. We saw it in the singing of our national anthem in both French and English and we saw it in the raising of our flag high above our heads and the placing of our flag right on our lawns at our feet. We saw it in the families enjoying a bit of cake in the park and in the smiles and laughter of children free to play in a country free to play on the world stage. Everywhere it was – it was in the heart.

It was that sense of heart, that sincere sense of True Patriot Love, that prompted the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society to step up to host a Canada Day that was family first. And it was that sense of heart that sent 50-some volunteers out in the wee hours of the morning to put a small Canadian flag on each resident’s lawn.

Sadly, some in this community seem to have missed the value of that profound message of love of country sitting at their feet on their own lawns because their noses were turned upward looking for the fireworks display they feel should be bursting over head for their enjoyment. Entitlement was not a Canadian character trait in 1867 and yet it seems deeply entrenched today.

This was the second year for Canada Day’s return to Morinville, and if not for the historical society there simply would not be a celebration at all. Like most things that happen in this or any community, it doesn’t happen unless people get off their ass. We think they have done a marvellous job with a modest budget and are deserving or our thanks.

If the community’s desire is for this completely free event to have a little more bang for its buck, we need to step up and make sure this volunteer organization has a few more bucks to make a bang with. Our cheque will be made payable to the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society. Yours can be as well.


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  1. There are way too many in this and every other town that just take and so few that give.

    Why not turn your self and therefor set the example for the next generation of volunteers (your kids)into a giver.

    Ask yourself . . . . .am I a giver or just a taker.

    Thank you volunteers.

  2. Yes, I am one of those volunteers who feels that giving back starts at home. For us at the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society, Canada Day is a celebration from the heart for families in our committee to come out as families to enjoy and take part in Canada’s birthday. Canada is a great country which I am very proud of, we owe our present to people from the past for their sacifices that made this country what it is and our job is to ensure we have a strong future.

    So, if you would like to come on board and help with Canada Day 2013, please give me a call (780) 939-3925, remember, volunteering starts with you.

  3. I noticed and appreciated the little flags as I walked the dog that morning and wondered who had put them there. Thanks for the information and I will be recommending a donation from our Rotary Club for this worthwhile organization.
    Tom Bell
    Treasurer, Rotary Club of Morinville

  4. For how excited my children were on Canada Day morning when they found the flag on the lawn you would have thought it was Christmas. They promptl;y pulled it up and took turns holding it and waving it through out the day then carefully replaced it in the lawn when we returned home. So thank you to the historical society for that small but greatly appreciated gift.

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