Canada Day weekend results in many tickets

By Morinville News Staff

Edmonton – Alberta’s law enforcement officers ticketed far more speeders over the Canada Day weekend than they did in 2011, a year which saw a significant decrease from 2010 numbers. Law enforcement issued 2,973 speeding tickets between June 29 and July 2, an increase of 780 tickets over last year’s figures, numbers that set a three-year holiday high.

While speeders were up significantly over the previous year’s numbers, impaired driving charges were down slightly. Police issued 15 impaired driving charges and 17 24-hour suspensions in the province, compared to 17 impaired and 19 24-hour suspensions in 2011. An additional 60 alcohol-related charges were laid over the holiday weekend, which coincided with the introduction of tougher provincial penalties for drunk drivers with a blood alcohol content in excess of .08.

The provinces various enforcement officers issued 4,518 tickets during the four-day period. In addition to the alcohol and speeding infractions, traffic enforcement issued 188 seatbelt or child restrain fines, 34 tickets for distracted driving, 51 intersection-related fines, and 59 hazardous violations, including dangerous driving. Additionally, 539 tickets were issued for violations, including driving while suspended or driving without insurance.

The Highway 63 corridor accounted for 299 of the weekend’s charges, including two impaired, four 24-hour suspensions, and 19 other alcohol-related charges. The majority of the Highway 63 charges were for speeding. Police issued 198 speeding tickets on the stretch of highway.

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