Weekend in photos

On the move
A back hoe moves the Morinville Public Elementary School sign from its temporary location by the modular to its permanent home. The school was officially transferred to Sturgeon School Division last week. The sign was moved Thursday afternoon. – Lucie Roy Photo

Band on the run
Smith Music Summer Band Camp students made the trek to the Morinville Farmers’ Market Friday afternoon to play a 14-song set of tunes they had learned and rehearsed during the week. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Movin’ out
Riders in the 2012 Tour de l’Alberta event depart from the Morinville Arena Sunday morning. The annual event drew in excess of 1,000 riders again this year, cyclists who participated in 175-, 100-, 50-, 25- and 5-kilometre rides through the town and region. SEE FULL STORY HERE – Stephen Dafoe Photo

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  1. Lucie Roy captured the moving of the Morinville Public School sign to its new location. What she did not captured was the removal of the letters on the school that said Georges P Vanier. I was heartbroken, sadden, upset, disappointed to see the name removed from the school I graduated from in 1968. I cannot understand why the name Georges P Vanier could not have remained for the new public school. Mr. Vanier who was Governor General from 1959 till his death in 1967 was very popular GG across Canada maybe with the exception of Quebec. Why could it not be Georges P Vanier Public School. Sorry Mr. Jewell but I think you and the rest of the Sturgeon School Division Board made a bad and disrespectful decision.

    • You raise a valid point, Paul. I will state, however, Lucie personally saw to it many historical Items were taken from the school to our local museum, Vanier’s portrait among them, if I recall correctly.

  2. Lucie great job at caputuring this moment in history!

    I find it ironic that a Town Councillor is NOW putting in some thoughts when it was voted on that it would in their best interest to NOT be involved in the issue from the beginning. I understand that some people have attachments to this building but as life goes on so do we. This building was property of Alberta Ed. and a name is just that…a name. Towns change names of streets and buildings ALL the time and we move on….G.P.Vanier will be remembered at the Museum. My children’s future will not be based on your past and when or where you graduated from.
    The truth is that Vanier has been G.P.Vanier Public School all along and was illegally running as a Catholic School (take that up with GSACRD not SSD). Things would be a lot different if GSACRD acted legally from day one. Now,The school boards and parents decided collectively that the name would be changed to represent the NOW and FUTURE and not have ties to the past history that some may consider controversial. The children who attended MPES last school year LOVE the name of their school and LOVE being Dragons and nothing will ever take that away. This is a fresh new beginning for these children and like the Admin stated all historical items will be available to look at in the Museum.
    The real work has now begun transforming this old school into the modern school we deserve and the kids will love. With a new name comes and new look, feel, atmosphere and family. We are excited to start fresh with children who have existed in this community just like you have Paul and will exist for years to come.
    MPES Dragons forever!!!

  3. I can’t help but think that for every person that will be offended that the school hasn’t (so far) kept the GP Vanier name, there will be those offended at the idea of the public school assuming it. I’m sure the argument would be that the new school isn’t a reflection of the memories that people associate with the GP Vanier name. Really, like so many of the decisions that have had to be made, it’s kind of a lose-lose and the only thing the school board and parents can do is go forward with as much dignity and respect as possible; you can’t please everyone.

  4. I disagree with you Stephen. Paul’s point isn’t at all valid. Today, the 23rd, Sturgeon School Division took possession of Georges P. Vanier School. Prior to today SSD has been granted no access to the building with the exception of delivering some furniture. Sturgeon School Division did not remove the Georges P. Vanier school letters, nor did they request for them to be removed. As it stands today, the building is still named Georges P. Vanier. This brings me to question who did remove the letters? Who had possession of the building when they were removed? Who made the decision to remove them and why? Why was it assumed that they were no longer needed or wanted there?

    Sturgeon School Division’s decision to rename or maintain the name of the building has yet to be made and I am sure it will not be made lightly. Mr. Krauskopf’s decision to jump to inaccurate conclusions, place blame where it does not belong and call a wonderful school division bad and disrespectful was made very lightly with obvious disregard for fact finding and the feelings of others. Paul’s feelings at the sight of the removed letters are valued and I will do my very best to understand them fully but calling Mr. Jewell and his board bad and disrespectful is a display of the very accusation aimed at them. I am shocked by our town councillor’s misinformed public opinion.

  5. New chapter in education. New name.

    It’s the public elementary school in Morinville. Morinville Public Elementary is a fitting, and apt, moniker. Unless we’d like to revisit my previous suggestion that we name the facility “(Donna) Hunter Elementary School”.

    While I have no beef with Mr. Krauskopf, I do wonder where his indignation was three years ago when this started. Where was his sadness when an entire multi-generational family felt they had to leave HIS ( as part of the council ) town because of the reception they got for requesting what everyone else in the country has.

    You have my understanding for your personal sense of loss sir, you do not have my sympathy. In your own way, by your (council, and his nibs the mayor) lack of action when you could have had influence in the matter, you are as responsible for the shape of Modern Morinville Education as are the boards, the various levels of government, the parent groups both for and against change and also myself.

    Every time we pass that sign, you, me, council, board member, or parent, we can all indeed say “I had a part in putting that sign there”

    Difference being I suppose is when I think of that, I look at my children, and I smile.

    Reflect on that councilor.


    Thomas Kirsop

  6. As a resident of Morinville, I can honestly say that they can change the letters on the building, but for many years to come it will still be referred to as Vanier. Humans take a while to adjust to change, that’s just the way it is.
    As for naming it Donna Hunter elementary school, why name a school after a person who tore apart a community? That doesn’t seem fitting at all!

  7. @ Skatter…I think you have your wires crossed. It is bullies like YOU who tear communities apart, calling people out online without a backbone to say it to someones face. Donna asked her public school board to act as one according to law.Everyone is entitled to a Public Education, even children in Morinville. You go ahead keep bashing others and stopping progress, Donna will be in your children’s history books 🙂

  8. @ J.C. – You may admire the woman for her efforts but this little incident, and when you look at the big picture it’s quite minor, will be forgotten for the most part in a few years. No history books will speak of this. You may not like skatter’s thoughts and/or opinions but hey have a right to them as much as you do yours. I don’t see that as making them a bully.

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