Column – From the desk of enforcement services

Property upkeep and maintenance shows pride in our community. The Community Standards Bylaw identifies key areas in which property owners are responsible to make sure their property is safe and well maintained. These more common infractions from the Bylaw have been keeping Peace Enforcement busy so far this summer:

• Physical deterioration, which creates or has the potential to create unsafe or dangerous conditions which may threaten public safety.

• Lack of general maintenance and upkeep and/or unacceptable storage, accumulation and/or collection on the premises or property of building material, debris, refuse, and/or structures in disrepair, excavation.

• Lack of weed control or maintained vegetation, encroachment of trees and shrubs onto adjacent properties, and accumulation of stagnant water.

• Junked vehicles

Failure to comply with this bylaw could result in fines – 1st offence $200, 2nd offence $400.00, and 3rd or subsequent offence in the same calendar year $600.00.

Do your part and keep your property tidy and in good repair.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at 780-939-7831 or come see us at the Morinville RCMP detachment.

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  1. i agree it is hard to walk down some public sidewalks in our town without walking out onto the street to avoid getting a tree branch in your eye! Do people not think they have to trim overhanging trees from their yards? Lets take more pride in our town we have some beautiful yards and gardens and the town baskets are lovely this year as well as many cement flower containers which this year have flowers in instead of weeds. Thank you to our by law officers whom are trying hard to keep things in line!!

  2. Maybe our enforcement services can also look at the Town of Morinville. Maybe greenspaces and trails throughout Morinville are in terrible shape. The amount of taxes that Morinville charges most residents, this town should be in pristine shape and sadly it is not.

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