Column: Joe Morinville

A tale of two festivals

Joe compares 50 years of Fête in Legal and the Frontier Daze (renamed St. Jean Baptiste Festival) in Morinville.

1 What’s the difference? None! Both have been reborn through the spirit of the community, not some grant money for festivals.

2 Both have stayed true to the principles of Father Primeau – have the community put on a show and community celebration locally rather than sending them off to the exhibition in Edmonton.

3 Legal has kept their Demo Derby going and provided a place for Morinville and Legal people to run into each other with no lawyer suggesting that the 5-mile-an-hour crash needs a $50,000 law suit.

4 The item most missed in Morinville is fastball. Slow pitch is fun and the drinking is better and people are as competitive as ever, but not having the ball games at the grounds by the pony rides or midway is just missing something!

5 Did I tell you I like fries.

6 The music at both festivals is excellent, but there is nothing smoother then a nice French song sung by one of the many talented woman in the Legal area.

7 The train the mayor drives in Legal is a highlight. I was still young back then, but it is still there and it is still one of the favourite things that screams Fête au Village.

8 Banners are up in Legal that means the parade will be soon.

9 I do miss that old rocket space ship that the kids climbed in and no rules about the playground back then.

10 What I do miss is the white shirts, black boots and the sash.

Head north to Legal this weekend and enjoy crashing cars, a great parade, good food, fi ne music and fi ner people. Make sure you say “Bonjour mes amis” when you get there!

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