Editorial: It’s all about people

The strength of any business lies with its people. The same can be said of communities, government organizations and businesses. It is the people that create and implement the programs, services and ideas that make things move.

Within this organization are people who are dedicated to making this publication the best it can be. Behind this publication are people who dedicate their spare time to making this community the best it can be. You will find us involved with the museum, the Lions Club, the library, the fire department, the Chamber of Commerce, the food bank, Block Parent, and other varying activities.

We are not in any way unique in this community. Morinville is full of people who are actively involved in making the community or pockets within it the best it can be, each in their own way and each in accordance with their heart and their passions.

This week we close our offices for summer holidays, but have lined up a week of news that focuses on people. Each day this week we bring you a story on some of the people in our community who are doing interesting things at home, abroad and on the tracks and trails in between.

It is the people that make a community. We hope this week’s articles will let you get to know some of those people a little better. We’ll get back to hitting the streets covering the news right after we peel ourselves off our decks after the August long weekend.

Stephen Dafoe,
Editor, The Morinville News

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  1. Have a great holiday Stephen as you and your family really deserve it.

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