The weekend in photos

They’ll go medieval on your …
Students of the KnightHaven Medieval Day Camp demonstrate a charge on Friday afternoon on their final day of the week-long Camp held at the Legal Centralta Community Centre. Students learned about heraldry, chivalry and battle tactics. They held sword play, archery, medieval singing, dancing and crafts. Divided into two villages, they selected their own color combinations for their village, made their swords and helmets, pouches, flags, tunics, and chose their own symbols for them. A village elder was chosen to lead them. The final day had the students teaching the parents some of the medieval dance moves as well as long- and cross-bow archery skills. – Lucie Roy Photo

Solar powered
Pictured are the three solar panels that were installed at the Morinville Fish & Game pond on Thursday. Two were also installed at Sunshine Lake. Two of the panels at the pond will be used for pond aeration and one for the fountain that is scheduled to be installed next week. At Sunshine one panel will be for the aeration and one for the fountain. – Lucie Roy Photo

Sunny day ducks
This pair of mallard females bask in the afternoon sun at the Morinville fish and Game Association pond. – Lucie Roy Photo

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