Column: Joe Morinville

With bi-election nominations closing Thursday, Joe has 10 reasons why he or anyone should not run for Town of Morinville Councillor:
You can take my advice or not. I tend to talk more than I listen!

1/ Promise the world and or think I can resolve or fix an item without our council or the CAO’s approval

2/ I want to ship the photo radar guy to Sherwood Park!

3/ My feelings about whether Morinville should pursue a swimming pool now or later would impede my view of the 2013 Budget.

4/ I would not like to be up close and watch to see if this CAO can survive a Morinville council for more than 5 years.

5/ I would be pushing for Main Street to actually receive some attention as it looks like the poor cousin to 100 Street. Then again, maybe it is in the works and like so many others people when the message is posted and the meetings are held, I am sleeping in front of my TV watching Hockey Night in Canada ( Did I tell you I hate NFL Football?)

6/ Irrelevant, vague, and condescending responses to questions make me want to pull the tie and shirt over their heads and hockey punch the speaker!

7/ Warm and fuzzy social, cultural and community items, especially history, would cost too much, and the sidewalks would not get tore up in town for the third time and replaced. (I know infrastructure debit) Y2K for the new millennium! Yes, there were wooden sidewalks in front of my house when I was a much younger man.

8/ Separating church and state is impossible, and if a person states that religion has no place in politics or is not part of the decision making process, at some level they do not understand politics or were not born or influenced by anyone or anyplace while he or she grew up.

9/ And those diesel trucks who must gun it from the lights and smoke me out. I am going to follow you and tell you some of my stories until you are as annoyed as I am with diesel smoke in Morinville! Maybe we need an environmental cop to check air quality! The heck with the speeding. We only have three pedestrians hit recently trying to cross Main Street!

10/ Last and certainly the lamest reason. I do not have time or I would worry about where to spend that meagre $1,000 a month councillors get. The rest of the time is all volunteer time just like the Lions, Rotary or Legion.

Looking for a good group of names on the ballot!

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  1. I’ve always said that if a person want’s to run for a seat at any level of government that person should not be allowed to. And any one elected should not be allow to run again.

  2. That makes no sense. If we didn’t allow people who want to run for government to do so we’d have no one in government. Furthermore, while we may not always be happy with the performance of an elected official there’s no reason to not allow them to run again. If people are really that unhappy about them they won’t get voted back in.

  3. I was less surprised by the list of candidates than I was by the list of residents who did not run. I hope that this election brings to the fore meaningful debate surrounding issues such as economic development, land use and effective governance and leaves behind conjecture and malice that is of no added value. May the best person win!

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