Vandalism suspect arrested in Morinville

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – RCMP are reporting they have arrested a 21-year-old Morinville man in relation to an estimated $20,000 in damages in Morinville. Police received an early-morning report of vandalism in progress at the townhouses under construction on 101 Avenue near the Royal Canadian Legion.

On arrival police observed a male matching the description of the suspected vandal and leaving the scene. Officers chased the suspect on foot and arrested him after a short distance.

The man, whose name has not been released, was charged with mischief and resisting arrest.

It is not known when the event took place as an RCMP press release gives a date of Aug. 22. RCMP spokesperson was not available by our deadline.

We are continuing to follow the story for further details.

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  1. Maybe now that there is an older suspect under arrest adults can stop being so suspicious of children and teens. Just last week my boys were at the Vanier playground with some friends from out of town. The kids between the ages of 11 – 15 were playing on the swings. An older lady approached them and told them they were too old to use the equipment. When they didn’t leave she began to yell and wave her cane at them! They left then quite shocked. Both of my children attended Vanier for all of their elementary years and it’s sad when they are ran off of the very playground they grew up on. So much for farm kids taking visitors to town for ice cream and a trip to the park.

  2. With the upcoming by election, I fail to see why Morinville has not divided the electoral boundries into districts, All other areas have the councilmen representing their consitencies.That way when a problem occurs ,the resident can approach their member for a solution. I reside in sunshine lake district ,and a year ago phoned the town office requesting to speak with a councilman.Only one was available ,and he did nor know where Sunshine was located. With the larger population here,we should be voting for a member who resides in that area/district . Then our vote would count for a member who we vote for, Its time Morinville caught up with the other counties, and had the councilman representing that particular area. What do other residents think of this method of representation..

  3. Well done to the RCMP! Catching vandals can be notoriously difficult, especially when a Detachment has such a massive patrol area and numerous higher priority calls to address. But glad to see that someone was caught in this instance.

    That said, the recent vanadalism spree is probably the work of more than one person. This particular individual may not have been involved in any of the previous incidents. But, whatever incidents he can be shown to have caused, he needs to make full restitution to the victims of his deeds.

    As for the teens in Town, they are overwhelmingly good kids. I know this because they were raised by my neighbours, my fellow residents of Morinville and I know that each of you that I’ve met is a good person and raised kids with morals, respect and ethics. I believe the majority if not all of the damage has been caused by those who are up late at night and “indulged a bit too much”. This isn’t the fault of barkeeps or shop owners….it is the fault of those that damage other people’s property.

    At any rate, a great start to halting the spree of vandalism in Town and our Constables are to be greatly commended!

  4. Hi Mr. Murphy, I’m a member of Council and live in the Sunshine Lake District as well. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any issues you’d like to discuss. My home number is 780-572-4445.
    ~Lisa Holmes

  5. Mr. Murphy, Morinville is neither a county nor is it large enough to bother with districts. Thankfully we have councillors like Lisa Holmes and the others who are generally willing to answer the call when needed to do so.

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