Editorial: 22-days to decide

A week into the bi-election campaign, if one can truly call it a campaign, and we are faced with picking one of six candidates to fill one seat for one year and one month. While it is certain the province will make municipal terms four year terms by the next election, we understand Minister Griffith does not have the authority to extend the current council term to coincide with what will be the province’s desire to have municipal elections in the spring.

So our vote must go to someone who will fill the role of Morinville Town Councillor for 13 months, more or less.

Six residents have put their names forward. None of those residents withdrew their name by noon Friday. Game on!

We have an interesting mix, as our candidate interview profiles in this publication show. Two unsuccessful 2010 candidates, one with aspirations to be mayor, one who sees the short term as an opportunity to see if she might like the job for a longer period. Two candidates who have been public in their opposition to how photo radar has been run in the community, but both of whom cite other reasons for running, perhaps diminishing any concerns they are one-issue candidates. Three candidates are business owners, and two candidates have considerable board experience on their resumes. One even has past experience on Council.

The suitableness of any candidate will be determined Sept. 20 when Morinvillians have their one and only chance to make their wishes known at the polls.

Whatever that decision is, we can see one thing happening in this community. People are interested in standing for office. In 2007 Morinville’s mayor and council were acclaimed. This was not the case in 2010 when two candidates ran for mayor and 10 ran for one of six council seats. It had originally been 11 but one candidate withdrew their name the following morning.

This time we have six stepping up to the plate to serve our community for good or for ill, for only time will tell their effectiveness.

We applaud them for entering the race and take pride in living in a community that is becoming more politically engaged and more mindful of the community’s condition and desirous of making sure that condition improves. Most importantly we take pride in living in a community where the electorate is given a choice by those willing to stand for office.

The Morinville News stands strongly behind our obligation to keep the citizens of Morinville informed in their election choices. In addition to our candidate profiles, we will run a series of additional articles with candidates’ thoughts on key issues in the community.


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  1. Good luck to all. I’d like to say how great it is that there is six people willing to step up and put in the huge amount of work required to get up to speed just in time for busy season in council.
    While there is only one person that is going to fill the role, thank you to all of you for your willingness to give your time and expertise to this community.

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