Letter: Candidates and council meetings


First I would like to issue a challenge to all residents of Morinville – get out and vote on September 20th for a councillor!

The fact that there are six candidates for one councillor position would indicate to me that there is some dissatisfaction and/or unrest with the direction the current council is going to raise the interest level to this degree. If these people are willing to invest the time and money to run for councillor then it is important for as many of us to get out and vote as possible.

Secondly, my husband and I attended the regular Morinville Town Council meeting Aug. 28 and I noted with disappointment that only two of the six candidates running for the September 20th bi-election were in attendance and they were James O’Brien and Sheldon Fingler.

While I recognize that everyone may have had other priorities and it is not always possible to attend these meetings, it indicates to me that the two people who were in attendance are interested in learning the current business for the Town of Morinville!

For me personally, to see the interest shown by these two candidates, makes it easier for me to make a decision come September 20th.

Thank you

Linda Lyons

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  1. Linda hit the nail on the head. I believe that the citizens of Morinville deserve a candidate that is committed.

    I feel that it is my civic duty as a candidate to attend every meeting possible. I wish I was surrounded by other candidates, however there were only two of us that were in attendance. It was a pleasure to be at the first meeting in the recently renovated civic plaza. I also had the opportunity to chat with our local MLA again which is always a great thing.

    I too encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote. It only takes a minute but can change your future community!


    Sheldon Fingler

  2. I can only echo Sheldon’s comments respecting this process.

    My thoughts on a couple of the Council’s agenda items have already been expressed and are available for you to have a look at via this media’s archives.

    As concerns the visit to the meeting by our MLA, I have only one minor call. At least ten times during her short address to Council, she referred to a “FREE” party to be held in Edmonton (“Party Under the Dome”) to mark the 100th anniversary of the Legislature Building.

    I really hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but this party ain’t FREE. Someone’s paying for it; I wonder who??
    Oh wait… that’s right… it’s YOU AND ME – THE GREAT CANADIAN TAXPAYER!

    Every taxpayer in this Province, regardless of whether or not they even attend this function, is forking over hard-earned bucks to satisfy someone’s perverse desire to “party-on dude!”

    This type of thing is but one reason I decided to run for Council, because this type of thing happens at every level of government, and I truly believe it’s time to re-examine our fiscal priorities.

    So PLEASE… on September 20th… Get out and VOTE!

    James O’Brien
    Another Candidate

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