Column: From the desk of the CAO

By Debbie Oyarzun, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Morinville

The arrival of September brings a few important items to the forefront:

With the start of a new school year, please keep our children safe by following the rules of the road and taking extra care when driving.

Council and Administration will begin the 2013 strategic planning and budgeting process this month. Please visit our website and watch future publications for open house dates so you can stay informed and participate!

Selective tree removal within town limits will commence shortly. Several trees have been identified for removal from the Sunshine area, 100 Avenue (east end of Town), G.H. Primeau School, Perras Place, and St. Jean Baptiste Park. Although we don’t like to remove trees it is sometimes necessary. These carefully selected trees are being removed for several reasons such as they have become too large and outgrown the space; some are dying; some are destroying or invading sidewalks, residents’ yards; require increased visibility for security reasons; and the need to rejuvenate an area. In addition, under Morinville’s Tree Program several trees will be scheduled for planting in certain areas of Town.

If you have any questions or comments, please remember that I have an open door policy. Feel free to contact me at 780-939-4361. Have a safe Fall!

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  1. I really hope that some trees will be planted in South Glens under Morinville’s Tree Program.

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