Library ready to pull down the curtains

Library Manager Isabelle Cramp (right) and library staff member April Heppleston peak through the blue curtains that have separated patrons from their library. Those curtains come down when the library opens Tuesday morning. – Submitted Photo


Morinville – The big blue curtains will be pulled down and the brown paper removed from the windows when the Morinville Community Library opens Tuesday morning. Plans to have the new expanded library facility ready to roll the end of August met their targets and library staff are excited to unveil the new library to patrons.

“Everybody has worked very hard to get this done by the end of August,” said Library Manager Isabelle Cramp. “We’re very excited and can’t wait to show the community what the library space looks like now and how great and comfortable and welcoming it is.”
Volunteers and staff have worked day and night since the new shelves were erected to restock the Morinville Community Library’s approximately 30,000 items.

Cramp said patrons and non-patrons are invited to visit their new library during its first week of full operation, enjoy some free coffee and refreshments, and have a tour of the new facility. A formal opening ceremony will be held later this fall.

New logo to be unveiled

When the library fully opens Tuesday morning there will be more to look at than just the new shelves, fireplace and expanded seating areas. The library recently held a contest to design a new logo for the community library. Eleven submissions were received by the Aug. 24 deadline and the library is looking for patron help in determining which of the 11 will visually represent the Morinville Community Library.

“All the submissions will be put up for the public to view and to give us feedback on what logo they like best,” Cramp said. “That feedback from the public will be taken to the board, who will then appoint judges to decide on what our logo will be.”

Cramp said that decision will ultimately be a tough one as there are many excellent submissions. “It’s going to be hard to pick between some of them,” she said, adding the submissions have captured what the library is today. “The library has grown a lot since we had our last logo done, and that was back in 2005 / 2006. We’ve grown a lot. We’ve changed our image. We’ve also grown in the technology area. So we really want to present, with our logo, a true picture of what our library is like today. We’re very community oriented.”

The 11 submissions will be whittled down to a group of five entries that will be passed before a panel of judges.

Above: Library Manager Isabelle Cramp looks over the 11 logo design submissions sent in prior to the Aug. 24 deadline. – Submitted Photo

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