Survey says? – Morinville phone survey leaves more questions than answers

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – Residents began receiving calls last week from a company identifying itself varyingly as Panalytics or ROI Strategies Inc. Questions included those relating to the issues of photo radar, Champion Petfoods, the survey participant’s trust level of Morinville Councillors and what issues were important to them in the election. Other questions included if the survey participant planned to vote in the bi-election and which candidate they were likely to vote for.

Morinville News has asked each of the six candidates if they are behind the phone survey and each has denied any involvement in the telephone survey. The Town of Morinville said they are also not behind the telephone calls.

Below is a listing of questions that have been asked:

– How important is solving the Champion Petfoods odour issue?

– How important is completing the Cardiff overpass?

– How important is it that the community be welcoming of new and old businesses?

– How important is it that the Town gets rid of photo radar?

– Please rate your trust level in:

Local business leaders
Morinville Town Council
Local media –
Your MLA
Farmers and ranchers in your community

– Which would you prefer Morinville to be some economic development and some residential or mostly a bedroom community?

– Will you vote in the by-election?

– Which of the following candidates will you vote for?

– What year were you born?

– How long have you lived in the area?

Requests for information on who is conducting the survey have been declined on grounds of client confidentiality.

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  1. So, the Town isn’t curious either? If it’s a legit survey, they aren’t done for free. It stinks and I’m not surprised.

    • Curious about what – the results of the survey or who is conducting the survey?

      What stinks and what are you not surprised about?

  2. I did the survey last week. I specifically asked who it was being done for and was given a very wishy-washy “Sorry, we can’t tell you” answer.

    My only regret was not asking the question at the start so I could hang up, rather than voice my displeasure at the end.

    However irregular in ‘fessing up who the survey was for, the questions were relevant and I had no problem voicing my opinion.

    Let’s hope that it becomes known who contracted the survey.


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