The week in photos so far

Layin’ pipe
Work is underway in the fields located on both sides of Secondary Highway 651 leading into the town of Legal. The construction is the 301-km Rainbow Pipeline II (RPII) system from the hubs located near Edmonton to the Nipisi area. The pipeline construction is planned to be completed by April 2013 and in service by May 2013.This pipeline will connect the existing Enbridge Terminal near Edmonton to the existing Plains Nipisi Terminal in northwest Alberta and will parallel existing pipelines for about 88 per cent of the route. The pipeline will be owned and operated by Plains and will supply condensate and butane to heavy oil production areas near Nipisi.- Lucie Roy Photo

Story time
Two-year-old Xavier Turcotte enjoys book in the children’s section of the Morinville Community Library. The renovated library fully opened Tuesday morning and saw heavy traffic throughout the day. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Show time
10-year-old Angelica Laplante entertains her family with an impromptu puppet show at the library Tuesday afternoon. The puppet theatre is one of several new items in the children’s corner. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Fuzzy find
A woolly bear caterpillar makes its way along a leaf at the fish pond. The caterpillar will eventually emerge as the Spotted Tussock Moth. – Lucie Roy Photo

Winged one
One of the abundant dragonflies in the area takes perch on a piece of fabric. – Lucie Roy Photo

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