Column: From the Desk of Community Services

By Director of Community Services Kerry Dawson

Hello from the Community Services Department and the Community Cultural Centre. September is always an exciting time for our Department, with the launch of the new series of entertainment at the MCCC and the release of the Fall/Winter Community Guide. The Guide showcases the majority of the programs, activities and festivals offered by your Community Services Department. Check the Guide for new arts programs and watch for new additions and updates to the guide on the Town website.

Of most importance, be sure to mark September 13, 5 p.m., on your calendar as we are celebrating our new season with a community party at the MCCC. We will have entertainment, snacks and refreshments, and we’ll give you a backstage tour of your facility. Speaking of calendars, keep an eye out for the NEW MCCC Season Calendar which will be delivered to your mailbox over the next 2 weeks. We have listed the series events for both adults and children and have left lots of space for you to pencil in your own special family events and activities.

If you would like to purchase extra calendars for your out-of-town family and friends, they will be available at the MCCC for only $1 each. What a great way to show everyone that Morinville is hopping! The photography alone is well worth the purchase price. We hope to see you at the MCCC on the 13th for our community party, and again and again, all season long!

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  1. Instead of charging a buck for calendars to give to family members, perhaps get their address and send them a free calendar. Then you have the address for future mailings. You would now have a list that would cost more than a dollar per name to build by other means.

  2. I could always supply some pics for the calendar of people enjoying the Centre, all dressed to the nines, drinking and smoking outside in front of the no smoking sign at the front door.. Or how about a calendar with sound, each time you turn the page an audio recording of the howling drunks we currently put up with despite the best efforts (so they say) of the town staff.

    Or just check out the pics and recordings for yourself at
    FaceBook: Morinville Community Cultural Centre (Those Against)

  3. I think you have a good idea Joe — I am on the mailing list for the Arden Theater in St. Albert and it is great to get the booklet at the beginning of the season with the years shows as well as some information on the performance and cost. It helps in planning what shows we will see.

    Looking forward to another great year of performances at the Cultural Center.

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