Column: Joe Morinville

I know fall is coming! Some tell-tale signs – Maple Leaf fans think they have a chance for the Stanley Cup and…

1 Student union ticket books are on sale from the students. I faithfully buy mine and forget to use it.

2 The farmers and their combines are a nice childhood memory. No, I am not old enough to remember thrashing machines going most of the night until the dew or rain falls.

3 That annoying neighbour brought squash and big cucumbers over because I look like I wanted that from their garden. Yuck.

4 Now the mosquitos are gone but there is only a few hours of light in the evening to enjoy the night.

5 Waiting for the door-to-door council candidates this year is a nice treat. Where is their sense of humour? No walky. No votes! That is my rule! That is the interview stage for the job you want serving the people of Morinville. If not, you better buy a Joe Morinville Burger and tell somebody there that you care!

6 The Eskimos try to throw away two games back to back to Calgary. That is a sure sign that fall is here when you hear the hype around the Labour Day Classic.

7 The Sears Christmas Wish Book is in. I can remember the old covers. I just wish I was four years old again? I think I will buy myself a Davy Crockett Hat.

8 The Morinville Jets are going back on the ice and this year the championship goes to Morinville.

9 Curling fever registration is coming. Not far behind will be Hurry Hard!

10 The coyotes are howling and the ducks and geese are packing their fifth wheels to follow all the Morinville snowbirds to Phoenix. Oh, less diesel trucks in town? Joy!

Well time to have some green fried tomatoes and finish arranging the last flowers before frost hits!

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