Editorial: Knock, knock, knockin’ on Morinville’s door

With eight days left in Morinville’s municipal by-election campaign we are left wondering if there will be a knock on our doors from any of the six candidates. Beyond one All-Candidates Forum at this month’s Chamber luncheon, various ads in local media, and The Morinville News’ weekly question to candidates segment, there appears to be no real effort to get out amongst the people to earn the vote for the seat left vacant by Councillor Ben Van De Walle in mid-July.

Even signage is limited on Morinville’s streets and front lawns. Thus far we have seen only signs from candidates O’Brien, Luker-Chevalier and Fingler, and Fingler’s giant billboards at all entrances and exits to town would be hard to miss.

We understand that cost may be a factor in creating signs, brochures and other handouts, but it costs nothing to knock on a door or two other than the candidate’s time, and if they have not got time to knock on doors now, how do they expect to have time to fulfill their duties as councillor. As has been stated prior to the campaign, the role of councillor today is a full time job for part time pay. It is one that requires far more time than a bi-weekly meeting in the evening.

Perhaps candidates are pounding the pavement, but from the folks we have talked to thus far there appears to be little movement in the doorways of Morinvillians.

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  1. As I sat at the council meeting this evening with only two other candidates I question the same things. I too could be knocking on more doors this evening however I chose to get out and be a part of the process.

    I have knocked on doors but certainly not enough of them. It’s not just about knocking on doors ahead of the election but also opening my door after the election. As a candidate up for election I offer up my time and promise to commit. Anyone that knows me knows that when I commit I do take things seriously.

    If as a resident you have a concern please visit my website http://www.sheldonfingler.com and also feel free to call me any time at 780-975-6152.


    Sheldon Fingler Candidate

  2. Sorry Stephen, on this topic I REALLY must take issue with your statement.

    I (and a couple of stalwart supporters) have been hand-delivering my “campaign platform” flyers door-to-door all over Morinville. Thus far, we have covered the town WEST of 100th Street and I hope to have flyers in the mailboxes of the remainder of our residences by the end of this coming weekend (weather permitting!).

    I readily admit that I do NOT KNOCK ON DOORS. I know how ticked off I become when accosted at my home by pedlars, politicians and other assorted intruders. I have however, spoken to a considerable number of our residents who were outside their homes when I appeared on their doorstep, searching for the non-existent mailbox in which to deposit my message (you’d be amazed at how creative you become whilst attempting to ensure your paper doesn’t blow all over the neighbourhood!).

    The outcome of my wanderings and consequent discussions with some of our citizens are presented in my response to your third and final “all-candidate question” which you laid on us yesterday.

    Have a nice day!

    • Delivering flyers door-to-door fits the category of door knocking in my book, Candidate O’Brien.

  3. I’ve not yet had a candidate darken my doorstep, nor do I really want one to. But I do follow the comments in the Morinville News quite closely. Please, keep passing along your platform comments using this forum.

    One thing I would say to all candidates is that no advertising is no good, because I then have no idea who you are. However, too much, too big, is very annoying, which then causes me to not even consider voting for you. If you are willing to spend a lot of your own money on advertising, how much of my (taxpayer) money are you willing to spend on other things? Is there money to be made in being a councillor that pays back all the money laid out? By all means tell me who you are and what you stand for, but don’t inundate me with your smiling picture or literature.



    • Without blowing this publication’s horn too loudly, Brent, most publications give a brief article on who is running and then open the cash register for them to pay to get the word out. We’ve covered the campaign through the campaign both in print and through video of speeches. This is not the norm.

      So without giving candidates free editorial space how else would they get the word out but through adverts, signs, social media and the door knocking you are not in favour of?

  4. I only vote for candidates who use social media such as twitter, fb, ect… People want answers and they want them quick. If you don’t offer such a service, you might as well toss your sign in the garbage because this is how the real world works now folks.

    Going door knocking will get you points but if you are not even doing that, expect a voter turnout of your family and friends…that’s it! I won’t waste my time voting if you don’t show up to the show. Out in Notre Dame I haven’t seen one flyer or candidate yet. This tells me we have alot of lazy leeches hoping to get in by default..shame really.

  5. First I will start by saying that the Editor of this publication has been fair in providing equal opportunity to each of the candidates that are running in the upcoming by-election.

    As an experienced campaigner, I will say that door knocking is of the utmost importance. For some folks, they have no idea there is an election. Somebody actually said to me that they thought it was for something else. They don’t read the news, and they don’t really care a lot. But, if visited, those people might get out and vote. They are also generally an easier vote to swing. If we want a better voter turnout, people need to hear from some of those that could be knocking on doors.

    Delivering flyers, as Mr. O’Brian did was alright, however, I had questions for him that I didn’t get to ask. I don’t like getting flyers in my mailbox, I like face to face contact. In my experience, a lot of people do, especially when it isn’t a party that we are voting for, but a name instead.

    Research shows that door knocking is more beneficial than not. People can say no thanks and close the door. But in an election where I suspect less than 100 votes will separate the winner from the 1st place loser, every vote counts.

    Just my 2 cents.

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