Column – Joe Morinville

This, That, Fall Sucks and an Election

1 The days are shorter, the wind is howling and the fricking leaves are all over my yard!

2 The election is winding down and one came to visit me and left his view of the future, but in doing shared some
observations about the past.

3 Watch for the people with an agenda; they may not be about what is good for the future of Morinville! Observe if they are suddenly a different person because they want your vote. I am just saying.

4 GO VOTE. It will be a nice walk down to the polling station and check out our beautiful streets and trees with the leaves as colourful as a Picasso.

5 He who has the biggest sign wins the election? Check that out those of you who think advertising is a dead tool.

6 Do you think that guy with his dark coloured diesel truck will get the truck fi xed so it does not leave a trail of black smoke every time he goes up and down the street?

7 The birds will start eating the berries off the tress and get drunk and fly into my window. I love fall.

8 Businesses are thinking about where they can position themselves in the growing consumer market that is happening right in Morinville not down the road in the city.

9 Have you sat in the St. Jean Baptiste park lately? If not do not miss a piece of priceless calmness, where you and your inner self can become one with nature, feel the cool breeze on your face, hear the birds chirping to each other that it is getting fl ipping cold, hear the kids laughing and riding their bikes. Paradise, until that jerk goes speeding down Main Street blowing black diesel fumes out of his dark colored 18 wheel drive whatever. Photo Radar on Main Street. Yes Councillor Krauskopf you are now understanding what needs to be done.

10 In closing, how can fall suck when it is the season of Eskimo football, Oilers (Minor and Jets) hockey, Halloween, Thanksgiving, curling season all at the same time? Did I mention no mosquitoes? The crops are coming in!

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