Letter: Reader upset with number of abandoned dogs


We live on an acreage outside of Morinville.

I am sick and tired of people treating their dogs as disposable commodities. Over the past 10 years we have adopted three dogs that have showed up on our property. Some had been mistreated, one was pregnant and all were hungry and scared. We now own four dogs that we love and treat as members of the family.

For the past two weeks a new dog has appeared. He/she is scared and – you can tell – very hungry. We cannot afford to take in anymore and my heart breaks every time I see a dog abandoned in the country that is lost, confused, hungry and without a home.

I wish people would think before they buy or adopt a dog and understand that it is a responsibility and full-time commitment and not something you can quit on a whim. The countryside is not a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

These animals need our compassion and love.


Jeanne Hudson

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  1. Very well said, Ms. Hudson and thanks to you and your husband for taking in the dogs you have. People need to realize before they get an animal, that is a commitment for the life of the animal. If they can’t accept that, then they shouldn’t get the dog/cat/etc. Abandoning an animal is cruelty and nothing less.

  2. We live just a few km out of town and although we have never had a dog show up, we have had countless cats claim our home as their own. The cost of having these animals spayed and neutered has added up, but it’s that or be over run by kittens. I have never seen a “missing” poster up for any of the cats that found their way here and most of them have been very friendly and tame. Clearly dumped in “coyote country” by someone. The options for people that need to surrender sick or unwanted animals need to be considered. Even having a sick animal “put down” can be unaffordable for many. I think the cost of veterinary care is a shock to many and a contributing factor to this problem.

  3. Well said, jeanne. I suggest if the dog shows up again and if you are okay with it; picking it up & taking it to the Humane Society on 137thAv/163 St. They accept animals from outlying areas, will feed it, give it vaccines, spay/neuter it, do a behaviour assessment & then try to re-home it. If you could catch it I would be willing to take it in if it is difficult for you to get in as I volunteer there.

    There is absolutely no excuse for abandoning cats or dogs; it is a callous, thoughtless, inexcusable act by anyone. There is the ‘PALS’ program to assist folks who can’t afford the cost of spay/neutering & ensuring this is done is the 1st step in minimizing the number of abandoned kittens & pups.

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