Column: Joe Morinville

1/ The passing of Peter Lougheed has reminded me that the difference in politicians not getting respect today is that in many cases they do not provide or speak to ratepayers as equals.

2/ Some magic happens when they are elected that bestows all the knowledge of the universe on them so they and only they know the correct avenue that the town should take. I was only fortunate enough to meet Premier Lougheed and his security guards once while attending a function. As many said, he was there to serve. He insisted on me going in first even though he was the guest speaker. He was well respected all his life and that is because he respected all, not just at election time. Morinville Council continue to give us a reason to respect you through not only your words but your actions.

3/ Okay that is off my chest. Back to what are you planning to do with your fall? Curl, join Paul Smith’s new community band, take yoga, art club or whine about something the town is not doing right. Doing and interacting with people in your community instead of making driving down to shop in the city your top priority.

4/ Take this week and shake hands with a person you don’t know and ask if they are new to town. They likely are new and will appreciate you welcoming them into the community.

5/ So why the heck would you ride a bull? You could run for councillor; that is kinda like a rodeo!

6/ Attention Oilers. You greedy owners and players have done it again, just when it was the year for the Toronto Maple Leafs to land in bottom spot and the Oliers to win the Stanley Cup. That means the Ray McDonald Sports Centre will be full of new fans as you should get your hockey fix in Morinville and save a tonne of money driving, parking and buying food and beverages ( $8 beer). We just need to have a sports lounge so we can watch the game from a sky box looking in from the Curling Club side.

7/ Nothing rings out and sounds more beautiful than the church bells on Sunday morning announcing that we are a faith-based community as we have all found a way to continue to live in harmony.

8/ Did I tell you how annoyed us old guys are about the NHL hockey. When you go to the Jets game this fall tell them Joe sent you and that you think Gary Bettman is a $#@%.

9/ What the hell are the millionaire hockey players and the owners thinking? Do they forget no one makes money on anything while they are rattling their sabres! I say Bettman should run for President of the USA so he could screw their economy up worst. He still reminds me of Pee Wee Herman and we all know where he is now?

10/ Good luck to Councillor Fingler who is sitting in the new seat. I just hope it isn’t a bouncy seat like those blow-up castles he rents.

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