Councillors graduate from educational program

By Morinville News Staff

Edmonton – This year’s Alberta Urban Municipalities Association convention got off to a pleasant start for two Morinville Council members. At Tuesday night’s President’s Dinner Councillors Lisa Holmes and David Pattison were given their Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) certificates.

To receive program certification both councillors completed units in Municipal Finance, Municipal Governance as well as two core and three supplementary courses. All courses were completed in their first term.

The EOEP provides elected municipal officials an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills. It is believed participation in the program raises the quality of municipal government and helps councillors effectively achieve the goals of the community.

Councillors Holmes and Pattison both expressed their thoughts on the value of participating in the program through a press release issued Wednesday.

“It is great to have the chance to get educated on subjects that are specific to Municipal Government and our roles as elected officials” Holmes said in the release. “The courses have also allowed the opportunity to build up relationships with other elected officials from around the region and the province, creating a network of support where I can be more aware of what other programs and services communities are offering to their residents.”

The councillor went on to say completing the program was a great personal milestone but will not be the end of her professional development. “I believe educational programs like this are essential to better myself as both an elected official and an advocate for our community,” she said.

Councillor Pattison, currently serving as Deputy Mayor, said he is a firm believer in lifelong learning. “Every year I schedule an educational opportunity to complete,” he said. “Completing the Elected Officials Education Program Certificate requires a considerable investment of time. Each of the nine courses I have finished provide a thorough applied knowledge of the varied responsibilities of an elected official.”

Councillors will spend the rest of the week at the AUMA convention, networking with other municipalities and learning about programming and grants available to the community.

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