Morinville hosts Cardboard Challenge on Global Day of Play

Nathan Holmes was putting finishing touches to his cardboard aircraft on Saturday at MPES at the Morinville Community Cardboard Challenge. The cardboard TV with antennas can be seen in the aircraft. – Lucie Roy Photo

By Lucie Roy

Morinville was one of more than 250 communities to host and promote Global Cardboard Challenge events on Global Day of Play. Held Saturday in 25 countries and four continents, Morinville was one of three taking place in Alberta and one of only 12 locations in Canada. The aim was to have cardboard-themed events around the world, all celebrating the creativity and imagination of kids young and old.

Morinville’s event took place in the Morinville Public Elementary School gym and was organized by Stacey Buga. “This event is open to everyone in the hopes of challenging the way we think about playing, recycling and community, “ Buga said.

Thirty people from Morinville and Edmonton attended the afternoon event. Ericka Chemko from Edmonton said she read about the Global Cardboard Challenge and its growth from the short film Caine’s Arcade on the internet. The film shows the inspiring story of nine-year old Caine Monroy’s cardboard arcade.

From there she found the closest Challenge event held in the area. Her two sons, Joshua and Thor, accompanied her to Morinville where they proceeded to mingle, share ideas and create a working arcade out of cardboard. Melissa Girard made a cardboard TV set complete with antennas and an Eggo waffle commercial on the screen. Participant Glenn Girard made a Howitzer, Chloe Girard made a horse and Colton Buga created an alien dog. Large items included Buga and friends making a giant cardboard maze complete with a cow corral. Lisa Holmes and son Nathan made an airplane from a cardboard refrigerator box complete with passenger seats and the cockpit instruments. Thomas Holmes and son Zachary made a house from a cardboard range box.

Buga brought reusable Makedo parts consisting of re-clips and lock hinges to connect the cardboard. These pieces were used to help hold the wings of the airplane together and connect the boxes used to make the maze and the arcade. Using cardboard was encouraged, but anything lying around the house could also be used. All recycled materials were welcomed. The Howitzer had clear plastic tray lids for wheels and cardboard tubes for the guns.

The many creations had to be removed from the gym at the end of the fun afternoon of making and playing with the many objects. The event was part of Caine’s Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge in support of Imagination Foundation and sponsored by

Above: Thor Chemko of Edmonton was having fun playing with the Howitzer at the Cardboard Challenge. The Howitzer was made by Glenn Girard with military themed pattern drawn by Melissa Girard.

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  1. What a fun, entertaining and free way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Kids were truly inspired in their creations, and the parents were willing helpers! I’m looking forward to using Stacey’s MAKEDO connectors in our halloween props this year – it’s amazing how well they hold together! (you can find them at

  2. Thanks Stacey – Great work organizing a cool event for children and their parents.

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