Tuck store offers convenience for seniors

Heritage Lodge resident Bunny Cooper was busy shops at the recently–opened Tuck Store Thursday afternoon. – Lucie Roy Photo

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – The Sturgeon Foundation has introduced Tuck Stores at their facilities, a new way for seniors to get the things they need. Many seniors’ facility residents cannot walk the several blocks to go downtown in Morinville or Legal to buy a few essentials. The idea of the Tuck Store in the Lodges is similar to the small stores found in the hospitals or nursing homes. The little concession stands are usually confined to a small space, hence the name Tuck Shop.

Sturgeon Foundation Executive Director Dennis Magnusson said the Tuck Stores are a result of a survey conducted last spring as to what the residents needed and what they would like to have. A little concession convenience type store was the main item.

“They are very successful in the six lodges and well received,” Magnusson said. “The proceeds help pay for the activities and programs in the lodges. The Program Coordinators have done a great job of putting it all together.”

The Tuck Store varies from lodge to lodge. Some have a cart, others a cupboard or cabinet. “They make it work at every lodge,” Magnusson said. “So far it is a success and if they can make improvements they will.”

Heritage Lodge Program Coordinator Mary Benson said she has the Tuck Store open daily. “It is like a little convenience store,” she said. “It has the smaller containers of laundry soap because the larger bottles are too heavy for some seniors to carry home from the store. Some of the residents like to be able to buy the treats that are on hand and they have something for the young children when they come to visit.”

Benson said she even has little gifts for that last minute idea and an assortment of all occasion and birthday cards. Residents have a say as to what they would like to see in their Tuck Store.

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