Has Council done what they promised?

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Oct. 18 marks the second anniversary of the 2010 municipal election. Prior to that casting of ballots, the Morinville News held an All Candidate’s Forum at Smith Music in Morinville. In the interest in reminiscing, we think our readers and (listeners) might like to take a listen to what was said during those campaign speeches two years ago. Although our archives include all candidate speeches, we are posting those of the candidates elected.

Council Speeches

Below are videos of then candidate speeches made during their pitch to the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce two weeks before the election.

Joseph Trapani, Lloyd Bertschi

Lisa Holmes, Paul Krauskopf, Nicole Boutestein

Gordon Boddez, Kerry Knight, David Pattison

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  1. No. They have not been living up to their promises. Now they are heading on a tangent with our tax money. Reckless governance.

  2. As stated by the Mayor in his speech, does Morinville want to be a bedroom community or does it want to grow and compete with St.Albert because things would be approached quite differently and its something they the staff need to know.

    Has this question been seriously asked of the population…. have the voters given the staff clear direction or have we allowed that grey fog of indecision cloud and mask the direction we are now on?

  3. We have been submitted to homeowner surveys numerous times over the last 12 years, and like others, have submitted what we would like our council to put in place. We do have a semblance of a walking trail, and a senior complex that this town needed. Aside from that, there isn’t much.
    The reasoning behind not planning or building some kind of recreation center, according to our councils, was it would be too much of a burden on residents’ tax bill. My taxes have been increased every year for the last 11 years now, unlike the previous 6 years when they remained roughly the same. Maybe it is just a coincidence that our current mayor has headed our council during this period, I don’t know. Through the years of tax increases, I really don’t see too much to show for it.
    Short answer to the Mayor. No more tax money thrown to waste please. If we are going to pay, leave something to show for it.

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