Column: From the desk of Planning and Development

By Greg Hofmann

We’d like to thank all the business owners who’ve taken time to speak with the Coeur de Morinville Area Structure Plan Project Team about their perspectives on Morinville’s current and future downtown. Some common themes emerged from our discussions that will undoubtedly influence what policies are developed for the Area Structure Plan (ASP).

Residents living within the ASP study boundary should have received their invitations to chat with the Project Team by now. The purpose of the informal chats is to learn more about the project and to ask residents who will be directly affected by the ASP’s policies to share their perspectives on their neighbourhood – what makes it great, what concerns you, what could be improved.

If you live within the Coeur de Morinville ASP study area and have not yet received your invitation to chat, please contact Vicki Dodge at 780-939-7859 or To find out if you live in the study area, or for more information about the Coeur de Morinville ASP Project, please visit and click on the Project Boundary link.

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