Youth earn rewards for positive results

Community Peace Officer Alaeddine and RCMP Cpl. Robb present Tyson Francis, Alex Winterhalt and Matthew Thiessen with their Positive Ticket prizes for the month of September. – Submitted Photo


Morinville – Eight-year-old Tyson Francis, 10-year-old Alex Winterhalt, and 13-year-old Matthew Thiessen are the latest recipients of recognition through Morinville’s Positive Ticket Program.

Francis was cited for wearing his bike helmet and using the crosswalk, Winterhalt for using the crosswalk and Thiessen for wearing his helmet.

The Morinville RCMP, Enforcement Services and Community Services have teamed up to implement a proactive program – focusing on youth within the Town of Morinville. The Positive Ticketing Program focuses on finding and recognizing the positive things youth are doing in our community. This dynamic approach to crime prevention increases positive connections while working with young citizens to reduce crime.

Positive Tickets are issued to youth under the age of 18. When an Officer observes someone obeying the law (ie. wearing a bicycle helmet, using the crosswalk), the Officer issues that person a positive ticket. The person must then drop off their positive ticket at the Morinville RCMP detachment for a chance to win a monthly draw of $50.

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