Kubinec takes Cardiff Road question to Legislature

Kubinec began her question by expressing the importance of highway safety to her constituents, particularly those who use the Cardiff crossing. “There have been many accidents and a tragic death this summer,” Kubinec said. “When will the government commit to increasing highway safety at the Cardiff intersection and complete the Cardiff overpass?”

Transportation Minister Ric McIver acknowledged the intersection was a priority for residents and recognized Kubinec was working with Morinville Council on the community’s concerns. But the minister offered no details in answering the question as to just when the project would move into subsequent phases. “The first phase of construction is complete, including a temporary detour and realignment of 100 Street,” McIver said. “There’s also in place advance warning signs, warning lights and reduced speed limits, and acceleration / deceleration lanes. We’ll continue to work with the honourable member and the local municipal council to address this issue.”

Kubinec then asked the Minister of Transportation if the government was considering temporarily lowering the speed limit at the crossing or increasing law enforcement presence until the interchange could be completed. The answer was not one she wanted to hear.

“The speed limits on this particular intersection have already been reduced,” McIver said, adding there were no plans to reduce them further. “In a combination of work that’s been done and, thankfully, safe driving practices by Albertans using this area, we hope to make sure that motorists will ensure that this is a safe intersection. I’ll continue to work with my colleague, the Solicitor General, to make sure that enforcement is out there for the few motorists that need to be reminded.”

The overpass, announced by Kubinec’s predecessor Ken Kowalski in the summer of 2011, was to begin construction this past spring; however, problems acquiring two sections of land have slowed the process down. Those sections are on the southeast and northwest corners of the intersection of Township Road 554 and Highway 2. No details were forthcoming during question period as to the status of that land acquisition.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the speed limit at that intersection is 100km/hr. I reduce my speed when passing by, but pretty sure it’s still posted at 100, and I can’t remember it being 110 so I’ve got to disagree with McIver’s answer that’s already been reduced.

    That said, I’m not sure if lowering it any farther would actually help or just bunch up traffic and actually make the crossing more difficult.

    While realigning 100 st probably reduced some traffic, I’m not impressed with the answer to Kubinec’s question.

    From that intersection to the lights, I find it’s faster to take the overpass now anyways.

    • The speed on Highway 2 has been 100 km/h between St. Albert and Morinville for the six years I’ve lived here and is 100 km/h now. I suspect the reduction he was referring to was on Cardiff Road or 100 Street – neither of which are a contributing factor to the issue. No one is missing the atop sign; they are simply going too soon or when they think it is clear to cross.

  2. The minister’s comments are sounding very condesending to me. “…for the few motorists that need to be reminded.” It seems that the minister thinks the injuries and fatalities that have occured at this intersection are acceptable. How tragic.

    I for one do not use that intersection. I exit town by the overpass and use the passing lane and pray as I drive past that intersection heading into town.

  3. Maybe the Minister of Transport could explain in detail the reasons for the construction delays to the families of the victims or deceased when the next crash occurs.

    Has the minister not heard of expropriation. Let’s get it built before we kill more people.

  4. In lite of the not getting a quick resolution allow me to introduce you to a win, win for the Town of Moninville.

    First, block off the entrance to the highway at that exit, allow the off ramps to remain open from the highway heading north. This will allow for the following things to happen:
    – no more collsions,
    – no more loss of life,
    – increased traffic flow on 100 Street which will be good for local businesses and the photo radar guy (tax revenue), and
    – increased traffic on 100 Ave which will also be good for buisinesses and the photo radar guy (tax revenue),
    – the people from southern Morinville and Cardiff will be upset, which they already are now anyway.

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