Big bucks up for grabs in Sobeys baking contest

Sobeys Morinville franchisee Stuart Trenchard poses with some of the baking products his store sells. The store is holding a baking competition Nov. 24 during the Morinville Christmas Festival. – Morinville News Staff Photo

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – With Christmas rapidly approaching many home bakers are breaking out their secret recipes to whip up a batch of festive baking again this year. Sobeys want local bakers to bring their goodies to the grocery store later this month for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate to use on more baking supplies.

Sobeys franchisee Stuart Trenchard said he has been toying with the idea of a baking contest for the past couple of years but was pleased to be able to put one together this season. The event will take place at the grocery store Nov. 24 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The idea came about from all the recipe ideas he’s heard up and down the aisles over the years. “When customers come into our store and we show them down the aisles where the nuts and the evaporated milk is, they tell us about the recipe they are making,” Trenchard said. “I want to have somewhere where I can highlight it in an event in town and then they can be recognized for their fantastic treats they’ve been creating for their family for years and years. I think we have so many great people in the community doing that. We want to take their age-old family recipe and show it to the world.”

Trenchard said registrations are now available at customer service. There is no cost to enter the event and there are no age restrictions. Squares, pies, cakes or any other baking with a festive flavour and flare is welcome, goodies that will be judged by a panel of local celebrity judges.

“Whoever wins it gets a $500 gift certificate from the store so that they can create more and more baking at home and enjoy it throughout the season,” he said. “We want to be recognized as the baking spot for all of our customers in town. We’re making sure we’re priced right for the season. We want to make sure everyone remembers us when they’re baking.”

Trenchard lived in England before moving to Morinville as a boy. He has fond memories of the importance of baking in his home, particularly over the holidays. “A big part of our traditions come from England and mince pies were one [tradition] for us,” he said. “My sister and my dad have gotten together for years, even now. The two of them still get together to make mincemeat pies. We used to always do that.”

The grocer said he believes the food and family tradition, particularly around Christmas, is important. “You get together and you slow down for a minute,” he said. “I think it is so important to our town. It’s so important to slow down. Everybody is moving so fast nowadays and when everybody thinks back to a great event, it’s usually around food. Whether it’s a great barbecue, a Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving feast. There’s food involved.”

Trenchard and his staff are hoping bakers will take some time to show off their family recipes. More information on the Nov. 24 competition is available at the customer service department at Sobeys Morinville.

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