Edgore to rock local coffee shop this week

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The pedal will hit the metal Friday night when local band Edgore takes over Higher Grounds Espresso Bar on 100 Avenue. The three-piece rock group recently played an energetic set at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre during Alberta Culture Days and are looking forward to playing another high-energy gig in town.

“We’re going to do some of our original covers that people have listened to before, but we’re also bringing out some more classic rock and a bit more heavy stuff,” said front man David LeBel. “We’re finding our groove in what we like to cover a little more, and we’re starting to focus our energy in that direction – stuff that people can really move to.”

Although still a new band, Edgore has no problem putting a big sound and big energy into any venue. Joining guitarist, vocalist and drummer David LeBel is married couple Gordon and Esther LeBel – he on bass, she on guitar, drums and vocals. Having two drummers who are also vocalists gives Edgore some interesting opportunities at expanding their playlist and stage presence.

But regardless of what the set list includes or who sings it, Edgore is about providing a good time for performer and audience. “The truth about Edgore is we’re going to play what we want to play. We’re going to play what we have fun with. And if you want to come down and enjoy hanging out with us and be a part of our show, we’re happy to have you,” LeBel said. “If you want to criticize, you’re welcome to. But it’s not going to change who we are.”

For David, Gordon and Esther, Edgore is built on a philosophy that you do not need a lot of guitars and keyboards to be a great band. The group began with longtime friends David and Esther but the musical opportunities were limited as he lived in Lethbridge, she in Morinville. When David moved to Morinville in the fall of 2011, the duo had more time to play together. Gordon could often be found banging on the bongo in the background while the two rehearsed. At some point someone handed him a bass and a trio was born. Things have been moving steadily along for Edgore ever since.

“I thought we were just going to do a show or two at the coffee house and have some fun,” LeBel recalls of the band’s original plans. “I didn’t think it was going to turn into a band, but we have some very similar ideologies as far as music goes. We have good chemistry and we kept working. We just want to play and have fun. We don’t have pride we’re trying to fulfill. We don’t have an image we’re trying to match. And we don’t have people we’re trying to satisfy. We just want to have fun.”

Bassist Gordon LeBel agrees. “We’re there to make noise, be loud, be proud, and if you want to join us and be part of it, so be it,” he said. “We’re not trying to get anywhere other than maybe a little bit of local fame and being able to have fun and bring some fun to other people.”

The band has had some strong response in their efforts so far as Edgore, combining a combined three decades of musical experience into their own band and brand. But they realize none of it would be possible without the support of those who have helped them on their way.

“The most profound thing I’ve ever heard [Nickleback front man] Chad Kroeger say is ‘it takes a community to build a band.’” David LeBel said. “Edgore has really felt that presence here in Morinville.”

The band is hoping to repay that support at their upcoming show with two solid sets. The show takes place Nov. 9 at Higher Grounds Espresso Bar on 100 Avenue. Showtime is 7 p.m.

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