Column: Joe Morinville

Winter is here and the snow and ice means those damn mosquitos are dead or resting. The only pests left are telemarketers.

1) Signs of Morinville growing? In 2006 we did not see the need for four lanes. Now with four lanes of traffic with vehicles passing every few seconds, as a slow pedestrian I feel like the chicken trying to cross the road.

2) Speaking of chicken the KFC is looking pretty spiffy these days.

3) Talking about clean up. Marcus has taken Sal’s Famous to a new level and created his very own traffic jam at that corner. Good for you and man, can you get a real man’s meal. Not a Joe Morinville Burger, mind you, but a great donair.

4) Do not forget all the other pizza joints in town! We have a matching amount of liquor stores and pizza joints. Wow, I better go eat! How else do you think I keep this young girlish figure of mine?

5) Is the editor and designer trying to annoy me by putting a Batman costume on me last week? We all know that Superman could kick Batman’s butt because he is busy babysitting the Boy Blunder and his whiny voice.

6) The Cultural Centre hit the mark with BeatleManiacs. I talked with old curling buddies, drank some beer, and heard the laughter of young kids experiencing their first concert. Laurie, you have a winning combination there for sure.

7) Are you playing hockey, walking, doing sports, curling or any numbers of things in Morinville this fall and winter? If not, get out there, take music lessons at Smith’s. You may see the editor practicing his ukulele.

8) I cannot see the ocean from my door but with the way Sandy hit the Atlantic shore I am so glad that the worst thing we have is smelly diesel and snow piled on the street.

9) More interesting. The last time the power was out in the New York area for that length of time they had a baby boom nine months later. You heard it here first. I am just saying candle light, wine, romance and 50 Shades of Grey light may create a new problem for Obama if he won.

10) On November 11, 2012 do not forget to “Remember” why you have a holiday and why we live in paradise just about every day.

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