Letter to the Editor: Re Morinville Legion Remembrance Day

the service and coverage and advertising at no charge to the Legion.

We want to commend Morinville News for referring people to purchasing a wreath that directly assists our veterans and their families versus placing an advertisement in the paper for the paper’s own coffers. It is when you wear a poppy or display a wreath you honour the veterans and help ex-service personnel and their dependents.
We are very grateful for any money that can be deposited in the Poppy Fund that will assist the many WWII, Afghanistan veterans and other veterans in our area.

We are very fortunate in this community to have the honest and dedicated service as provided by the Morinville News that is leading by example for the community, in the community and committed to the principals of high value and morale and ideals best served in the community.

The Poppy Campaign is the Legion’s moment of truth and unless it succeeds, all our principles, purposes and objects are nothing but empty words. The success of the campaign is measured by two standards; first and foremost how effective was the campaign in raising the public’s consciousness concerning the Tradition of Remembrance and second by the amount of donations contributed by the public to be used for assistance to ex-service persons and their dependents.

For upholding these two vital principals we want to recognize and say thank you to Morinville News.

The basic purpose of the poppy funds is to provide immediate assistance to ex-servicemen and women in need. This may include food, shelter or medical attention for them or their families. Also bursaries are granted to children and grandchildren of ex-service personnel.

When you give to the poppy campaign you remember the war dead and help the living and the dependents of those who have served our country and we want to thank the Morinville News for their assistance to the Legion’s annual Poppy Remembrance Campaign.

Some of the many ways this money is used to improve life for people in our community includes the assistance to ex-service personnel and their dependents, building affordable low rental housing for veterans and senior citizens, purchasing medical appliances and equipment for community health facilities, providing services to senior citizens and cost of poppies wreaths and supplies to mention a few.

Yours sincerely
Sylvia Cote
Ladies Auxiliary Br. 176

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