Column: Joe Morinville

Morinville is becoming the centre of music for our part of the universe. Everyday some silly or serious event occurs in town and it reminds me of hit songs from days gone by!

1) Burning Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash – The Morinville Fire Department they hate that when that happens it makes their gear dirty!

2) Take This Job and Shove It by Johnny Paycheck. Although that is not what the mayor felt or meant by resigning it is still the song I thought of right away.

3) The Impossible Dream from MAN OF LA MANCHA reminds me of Simone Chevalier and her crew who raised the money by using all the community in the People for the Steeple project.

4) My Boys Going to Be in the Big League by Tom Cochrane. I knows it is lame but every time I hear a parent flipping out at rink I think of the song! Bless the rest of the parents who take their kids to the rink for the team building, exercise and the chance to show grams and grand pa that they can play hockey just like on TV! It is for the love of the sport and is part of Morinville culture.

5) Hard Days Night by The Beatles. That one is for the resident monitoring and still whining about every little noise and event at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. Stop trying to see if Joe Morinville left at 12:05 in a drunken stupor.

6) I Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. Whenever I see photo radar ( not on main street) that is the song I hear in my head besides sweetie complaining about my driving!

7) Four Wheel Drive by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Every time I see those jacked up four wheel drive friends. There is nothing wrong with 4 wheel drives I am just saying they remind me of a large dog that is stuck in a little backyard and deserves to be let loose in some field in Northern Alberta.

8) Anything by The Grateful Dead reminds me of the Green Bean who put The Joe Morinville Veggie Sandwich on their menu Friday. Place was packed with peace and love types looking for a little earth-friendly bite to eat before they spent their afternoon hugging trees. I’ll confess – I had one and it was pretty tasty, particularly after Doug loaded it up with some ham and beef for me.

Joe’s second sandwich
Green Bean proprietor and chef Douglas Adsit poses with Smith Music owner and Morinville’s only vegan – Paul Smith for the launch of the Joe Morinville Veggie Sandwich Friday. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

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  1. Ha! Joe you are awesome! I see you stopped at point number 8 but you usually go to 10. When you hang with the hippies it is easy to get lazy;-)

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