Column: Alberta a great province

By Maureen Kubinec, MLA Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock Constituency

One of the regular talking points of the Official Opposition is to claim that after 41 years of Tory rule, the province of Alberta is some grim, dark, horrible place to live. It’s entirely untrue, of course. And it doesn’t say much for the Opposition that they say such terrible things about this great province.

Let’s look at Alberta after 41 years of Progressive Conservative government.

After 41 years of Progressive Conservative government we can say the following things with pride and certainty:

Alberta is the best place to live, work and play in Canada.

Alberta has one of the best education systems in the entire world.

Alberta’s thriving cultural sector and our many talented actors, artists, musicians, dancers, and writers delight audiences all over the province, country and the world.

We can say that after 41 years of Progressive Conservative government, Alberta is synonymous with entrepreneurship, research and development and new technological breakthroughs in our world-class post-secondary institutions.

We can take pride in the fact that Alberta is the economic engine that drives Canada, that we lead the nation in economic growth and that we have the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

We can happily say that Albertans pay the lowest overall taxes of anyone in Canada!

Indeed, after 41 years of Progressive Conservative government, Albertans continue to enjoy good government, low taxes and prosperity. And that Alberta is a place where people don’t just come to make a living, they come to make a life.

There is much to celebrate in this great province, and all those great things and enormous accomplishments did not happen by themselves.
Those great things happened because of 41 years of inspired leadership – from Premier Peter Lougheed to Premier Alison Redford.

Those great things happened because Albertans from one corner of this province to the other continue to drive the agenda of this province, pushing this government to be more entrepreneurial, to create climate for families and businesses to thrive, to be more open and transparent, to continue to build safe communities.

Those great things happened because for 41 years, the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta continued, year after year, to share the values and vision of Albertans.

And because for 41 years, Albertans have chosen this party to lead the way with strong leadership and vision.

Governing this province is a great privilege. And it is a tremendous responsibility.

Progressive Conservatives are proud to have governed Alberta for 41 years. We are proud that we continue to earn the support of Albertans.
And we are proud of the Alberta in which we all live.

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